Friday, 15 September 2017

smiling radio tonka september 2017

holger czukay special special, my grandpa of psychedelic music of the last 39 years died last week soooooo
here's a 2 hour show::
d/l or stream at your leasure

can - peking o (lp tago mago)
czukay - good morning story
dancing in wild cirxcles
world of the universe
(lp good morning story)
czukay - hollywood symphony (lp movies)
czukay - the photo song (12")
can - the half past one
hunters and collectors
(lp landed)
czukay - my can axis
(2x10" eleven years inner space)
david sylvian+jaki liebezeit+holger czukay - mutability
(lp flux & mutability)

czukay - a maidens dream
(2x 10" eleven years inner space)
sylvian+hassell+czukay - words with the shaman
(12" alchemy box)

les vampyrettes - biomutanten
(czukay+liebezeit+plank 12")
jah wobble+czukay+liebezeit - how much are they?
where's the money?
(lp full circle)
kevorkian+wobble+czukay+edge+liebezeit - snake charmer reprise
(mini lp snake charmer)
phew (czukay+plank+liebezeit) - fragment
(lp phew)
holger czukay - witches multiplication table

(lp on the way to the peak of normal)
czukay+wobble+liebezeit - twilight world
(lp full circle)
czukay - hiss 'n listen
(lp on the way to the peak of normal)

jaaa das mijn opa

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