Friday 4 December 2015

tonka 041220150001

philip k. dick special

1 sun ra   there are other worlds (they have not told you of)

2 a day in the afterlife pkd bbc arena *sound cut-up

3 mudboy   martian timeslip

d/l or stream from

arena pkd

Friday 2 October 2015

krank pappa oktober 2015 radio tonka

to my surprise this turned out to be a very mild & gentle indian summer mix 
(download or stream)

<<< laurie anderson - kokoku /// niobe - radioersatz /// annie anxiety - third gear /// jah wobble - bedroom /// the durutti column - requiem for a father /// niki mono & nikolas klau - flaming (syd barrett) /// snakefinger - living in vain /// ariel pink - life in l.a. /// can - from the movie deadlock >>>

Tuesday 25 August 2015

phil & monica visiting radiotonka this sundayyy last sunday yesterday

christmas in august

on a sunday? yes yes yes phil & monica live in the studio   with jack tulp and krankpappa spinning tunes
w i l d ! ! !
stream or d/l >>>

Friday 10 July 2015

playlist july show on radio tonka

>>>listen here<<<

1st hour

2nd hour

hour one:::<john cage - radio music (steve pittis, radio / for band of pain)><holger czukay - my can axis (from eleven years innerspace 2x10")><3 tracks from flaming tunes lp (gareth davis from this heat / maar dan solo)><eggblood audio cardigan :: a revolutionary stitch in time saves dentist # 9 (on soundcloud ><felix kubin und das mineral orchester - zufall>

hour two:::<goodiepal - from "bigmag #1 symmetry"><krank pappa - kattenvoer e.p. (to be released on sometime)><shitcluster - what is right now live in 79><pythagoras - the correlated abc (10" b1)><harry merry - harry merry's full revolution # 9><arto lindsay - from "better and old demon than a new god" ... giorno poetry systems lp>

hhhhhhhmmmm   n i c e

Tuesday 23 June 2015

yes 1e donderdagnacht van juni 

klaus nomi <> eno <> felix/tietchens <> asa chung & jun ray <> the pataphysical tape club ::: felix kubin (from a split lp included in the big mag #2 from peter fengler's de player in rotterdam) <> robert wyatt <> asmus/kubin >>> klaus nomi

Friday 3 April 2015

april 2015 tonka

<<<<<<<   on-u sound records   s p e c i a l   >>>>>>>

p s y c h e d e l i c   i n d u s t r i a l    d u b 
starts out sweet, gets sour and turns bitter
 feels one love
   new age steppers - state assembly >>> n e s - love forever >>> voice of authority - fuh fuh >>> missing brazilians - ace of wands >>> akabu - theme >>> creation rebel - eugenic device >>> annie anxiety - turkey girl >>> mark stewart + mafia - learning to cope with cowardice >>> ???beautiful mistake??? >>> singers and players+prince far-i - charisma - water the garden >>> voice of authority - feeling wild

Friday 6 March 2015

heee hallooo, deze 1e donderdagnacht van maart is er weer vers kattenvoerrrr

luister maar

freeform::wakkersticks>morgan buckley::call incoming>hieroglyphic being::outer nothingness (a sun ra tribute)>eric copeland::cam on the cob>william s burroughs::nothing here now but the recordings>fall out fall out station fall out!!! and the poprobot trying to take over for 3 minutes>final w s b>eric copeland::scones and bull>morgan buckley::heavy traffic