Friday 10 July 2015

playlist july show on radio tonka

>>>listen here<<<

1st hour

2nd hour

hour one:::<john cage - radio music (steve pittis, radio / for band of pain)><holger czukay - my can axis (from eleven years innerspace 2x10")><3 tracks from flaming tunes lp (gareth davis from this heat / maar dan solo)><eggblood audio cardigan :: a revolutionary stitch in time saves dentist # 9 (on soundcloud ><felix kubin und das mineral orchester - zufall>

hour two:::<goodiepal - from "bigmag #1 symmetry"><krank pappa - kattenvoer e.p. (to be released on sometime)><shitcluster - what is right now live in 79><pythagoras - the correlated abc (10" b1)><harry merry - harry merry's full revolution # 9><arto lindsay - from "better and old demon than a new god" ... giorno poetry systems lp>

hhhhhhhmmmm   n i c e