Sunday 10 March 2019

maart 2019 kattenvoer @ radio tonka

lekker hoor maart kattenvoer @ radio tonka

>>>1e uur: 

luc ferrari L'Escalier Des Aveugles > toolshed - lp on twisted nerve > the goodiepal equation - SIDE G – 1 Music for a Film by Sami first part (45rpm)
SIDE G – 2 IxxS lolo disco SASS (45rpm)
SIDE H – 1 Music for a Film by Sami second part (and still i got the rpm wrong) > Goodiepal and pals : vinyl (go to> ))

>>>2e uur: 

olivier brisson - horizon capiton > victor de roo - nachtdichter > 

>>>3e uur: 

terry riley don cherry duo - the descending moonshine dervishes > sunburned hand of the man - mind of a brother > 100-pro-monarchist-x-tra-kone-radio 

fijn geluisterd?

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